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Win Your Child Custody War

Child Custody Help Source Book  More than 700 - Triple column pages 
Charlotte Hardwick  $130.00 + $9.50 S&H. Costs less than 1/2 hour with a good attorney.

Child Custody Witness Guide

for Deposition or Court.   Charlotte Hardwick  $20.00 + $5.50 S&H

Dear Judge  Kid's Letters to the Judge in their cases

Charlotte Hardwick  $15.00 + $5.50 S&H

Killers & Boosters  Attitude Adjustment for Child Custody Litigants)
Charlotte Hardwick  $15.00 + $5.50 S&H
Child Custody Case Management Forms
Charlotte Hardwick $60.00 + $9.50 S&H.
How to Go to Visitation without Throwing Up
Joshua Evans $15.00 + $5.50 S&H
Parenting at a Distance
Charlotte Hardwick  $15.00 + $5.50 S&H
Grandparents Winning Custody of Grandchildren: A Story of Success
by Gail Gallagher  $24.95 + S&H
Generation Ex : Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain Jen Abbas  $9.74
The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting Go of Conflict after a Difficult Divorce
Elizabeth Thayer Ph.D  $10.17
Journal to the Self :Self Understanding by Reading, Writing, and Creating a Journal of Your Life Kathleen Adams  $11.16
The Way of the Journal: A Journal Therapy Workbook for Healing Kathleen Adams $12.89
An Adult Child's Guide to What's Normal John C. Friel Ph.D.  $8.96
Moving Beyond your Parents' Divorce Mel Krantzler $13.97
Adult Children : The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families
John C. Friel Ph.D.; Buy New: $8.06
Lifeskills for Adult Children
Janet Woititz  $8.06
Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves: Healing Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
David A. Stoop  $10.87
Generation Ex : Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain JEN ABBAS $9.74
Adult Children of Alcoholics : Expanded Edition Janet Woititz  $8.21
When Children Grieve: For Adults to Help Children Deal With Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, and Other Losses
John W. James $10.46
Second Chances : Men, Women and Children a Decade After Divorce
Sandra Blakeslee  $10.50
Secrets of Your Family Tree: Healing for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
Dave Carde  $10.19